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Monday, February 1, 2016 8:43 PM

Holy Spirit Power

Monday, February 1, 2016 8:43 PM
Monday, February 1, 2016 8:43 PM

To receive the power that is available through the Holy Spirit, you must first ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. Then the Holy Spirit will come and live in you. The Bible says, “And you shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you” (Acts 1:8). The Holy Spirit is called the Comforter, Helper, Strengthener, Standby; and He will help us if we ask.

Not only will the Holy Spirit help us deal with the hurts and disappointments that we encounter in this life, but He will also encourage us through the good as well. For instance, once somebody becomes successful, the next step is to become significant. Significant means: very important: large enough to be noticed or to have an effect: having a special or hidden meaning.

Whatever God expects of us, the Holy Spirit gives us the power to do. Who hasn’t needed strength to overcome sin, or encouragement to keep moving forward? We all make mistakes, but thank God for His power to forgive. As we go through life, we need to remember that we don’t have to do it alone. We have the Holy Spirit, our Helper, to help us every day — we just need to ask Him.

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