“Our mission is to provide life transforming solutions to break the cycles of poverty, addiction and trauma.”

"In the past five decades, thousands of people with nowhere else to turn have passed through the doors of Steelbridge for a hot meal or other services. Each and every one of them has a unique testimonial to share, in most cases, a story of despair describing the tragic circumstances that led them to our door. Stories describing a health crisis, or loss of employment, or addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some have been on the street for years, some have been homeless for decades.

In those past fifty years, we have evolved from a simple soup kitchen to being a center that provides hope. Hope of a true and lasting life change. We offer an environment that reflects God’s love for all people and respects their dignity. Not only do we provide shelter, a comfortable bed, food and clothing, but also spiritual guidance and social services. And all of these services are provided at no cost to the resident.

Our residents include a wide age range and myriad backgrounds, yet the goal for all of them is the same. A smooth transition while transforming their lives through the power of God’s love. This life changing work of our residential programs is made possible through caring, generous partners, volunteers and donations."




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