1 week for Aspire 2024 early bird ticket pricing at $45

Embrace the power of faith, fellowship, and inspiration at Aspire Women's Conference 2023 at Legacy Church. Themed "Rise", our enriching three-day event invites you to connect, engage, and immerse yourself in uplifting activities, services, and sessions that touch the heart and invigorate the soul. This conference is inspired by Mark 5:41, where Jesus raises a young girl from death and tells her to "Rise." Just as she rose, we aim to elevate each woman's spirit, nourishing her growth in faith and life.

Ages: 13+

Translation availability: Spanish

If you're visiting from out of town for the Aspire's Women's Conference, we've arranged a special group rate at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Albuquerque North, located at 4875 Pan American West Freeway NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109. Simply choose the dates September 21st-23rd when booking at this link to enjoy the discount.


Legacy Church | Central Campus | ABQ, NM

September 21-23 | Price: $65 
Thursday, September 21st
Registration Opens- 2:00 PM
Aspire Social Hour- 4:30 PM: Food Trucks, Aspire Market, Merch Store Opens, Gun Raffle, Interactive Art Room
Door Open- 6:00 PM
Service- 6:30 PM
Friday September 22nd
Registration Opens- 8:00 AM
Aspire Fit- 8:00 AM: Dance Fit (Zumba), Stretch (Pilates), Walking & Running Club, & Kickboxing
Aspire Social Hour- 8:00 AM: Food Trucks, Aspire Market, Merch Store, Gun Raffle, Interactive Art Room
Doors Open- 8:30 AM
Service- 9:00 AM
Breakout Session A- 9:45am-10:15am 
Breakout Session B- 10:30am-11:00am
Breakout Session C- 11:15am-11:45am
Lunch/Break- 12:00PM
Aspire Social Hour- 4:30 PM: Food Trucks, Aspire Market, Merch Store, Gun Raffle, Interactive Art Room
Doors Open- 6:00 PM
Service- 6:30 PM
Aspire After-Party- 8:00 PM: An amazing concert featuring country music star Coffey Anderson!
Saturday September 23rd
Aspire Fit- 8:00 AM: Dance Fit (Zumba), Stretch (Pilates), Walking & Running Club, & Kickboxing 
Aspire Social Hour Begins- 8:00 AM: Food Trucks, Aspire Market, Merch Store, Activities, Interactive Art Room
Doors Open- 8:30 AM
Service- 9:00 AM
Bliss Sisterhood Prayer Session- 10:30 AM
Aspire Art Room: Grab a cup of coffee and come enjoy our interactive art room. It's filled with peaceful worship music and offers the opportunity to paint, draw, and color. With the guidance of an artist coach, you can create different, free, and custom, beautiful art projects with your girlfriends and family. This will be held during our Aspire Social Hour times, seating is first come first served. 
  • Location: Cafe in the Legacy Student Building
Aspire Fit: Start your day off by grabbing your water bottle and jumping into one of our dynamic fitness classes. Choose between our high-energy Zumba dance workout class, kickboxing class, an outdoor stretch/Pilates-inspired class, or join the walk/run club!
  • DanceFit Class (Zumba) - Legacy Student Auditorium (Legacy Church Central Campus)
  • Kickboxing Class - LKidz Auditorium (Legacy Church Central Campus)
  • Stretching Class - Legacy Academy Gym (6900 Los Volcanes Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121)
  • Walking/Running Club - Legacy Building (7000 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM)

Two as One: Unlocking God's Blueprint for Marriage with Erica Clampitt

  • Location: LKidz Auditorium

Do you desire to have a deeper, stronger, and healthier marriage? God has just the answers we are looking for in His Word! In this breakout session, we will discuss practical ways to enhance your marriage.

Joy by Choice: Rising Above Life's Challenges with Robyn Hurt (Licensed Clinical Therapist)

  • Location: The Dome (Main Auditorium)

Everyone faces challenges in life, difficult days, and seasons of struggle. But did you know you have the choice during these times? You can allow them to oppress you, keep you down, and hold you back, OR you can choose Truth, hope, and joy. This breakout session will help you find ways to choose joy in your life despite obstacles, trials, and the enemy’s attacks. Romans 12:12 reminds us to "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Faithful Foundations: The Art of Biblical Parenting with Natasha Odom

  • Location: The Hub Auditorium

Explore biblical principles and practical strategies for nurturing faith, character, and a loving home environment. This breakout session will be a transformative time focusing on Biblical motherhood and parenting.

Radiant Worth: Building God-Grounded Confidence with Sharene Espinoza

  • Location: Legacy Students Auditorium

Ever question your worth or grapple with self-doubt? Dive deep into the scriptures and heartening discussions. This breakout session will help you recognize your intrinsic worth and bolster a confidence that’s unwavering and deeply rooted in your faith.

From Shadows to Light: Triumphing Over Abuse with Abigail Romero

  • Location: Room 100 in the Central Campus foyer

Have you experienced abuse and felt trapped? Such experiences can bring on shame and can distance you from God's purpose in your life. In this breakout session, we will talk through how, with the power of God, you can overcome abuse.

Renewed: A Journey from Addiction to Jesus' Embrace with Valerie Jaramillo

  • Location: Room 101 in the Central Campus foyer

Struggling with addiction, either personally or as an observer? Valerie has experienced addiction both as a loved one of someone who was addicted, from the outside looking in, and as the one who was addicted, from the inside looking out. It wasn’t until she truly fell in love with Jesus that she found freedom. This breakout session will walk you through practical ways to find freedom from both perspectives and offer hope that, through Jesus Christ, true deliverance is possible.


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