Our Mission Statement

Connecting people to Christ and each other through kindness, respect, and the Truth of the Gospel, while demonstrating leadership and enhancing discipleship.

Men’s Program Manager (Steelbridge)

Primary Duties:

  • Promote faith, integrity, sobriety, and health
  • Provide oversight and conduct residence’s daily business
  • Coordinate all move-ins, graduations, and dismissals
  • Conduct or delegate all drug screenings
  • Be physically present in-house during scheduled shifts
  • Conduct orientation of new residents
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Complete forms, reports, and questionnaires required by Residential Program Director
  • Support residents in following house rules and guidelines
  • Monitor safety of residents and report safety issues to Residential Program Director in a timely manner
  • Understand and implement emergency procedures
  • Help residents connect to appropriate resources based on individual plans and goals
  • Schedule, conduct, and document meetings with residents

General Duties:

  • Attend team management meetings as necessary
  • Participate in recovery coaching and/or other skills development training as requested
  • Report any maintenance issues to supervisor
  • Maintain and update emergency contact information for each resident
  • Conduct weekly inventory of residence (food and house supplies)
  • Assign chores to each resident (cleaning, shopping, etc.)
  • Ensure each resident is doing his laundry at least once a week


  • Ability to identify, report, and follow instructions
  • Ability to manage priorities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good time-management skills
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Must have daily use of reliable vehicle
  • Must be available by phone for daily contact

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