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Tuesday, November 21, 2017 6:07 AM

Having a Thankful Heart

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 6:07 AM
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 6:07 AM

It is the time of year when we will be celebrating Thanksgiving — a time to be thankful for this country that God has given us to live in, a country where we are still free to worship the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, a time to reflect on what we have.

Learning to be thankful:

We need to learn to relish what we have rather than resent what we are missing. If you have health, be thankful for that. Be thankful for family, a job, a roof over your head, heat for the winter, etc. We need to learn to be thankful even for the littlest things in our lives, thankful for true friendships because they are hard to come by.


It’s easy to be a complainer, to complain about what is wrong in our lives, to find fault with this life, to feel somehow we’ve have been left out or life isn’t fair. All that only works to make us bitter and ungrateful. It will make us miserable. When we decide to relish, be thankful for, what we have and not worry about what we think we are missing, it will lead to peace of mind, a more grateful spirit or attitude — one that will cause us to be happier in and with life.

Nobody is perfect: others aren’t; you aren’t. So let’s meditate on the things we can be thankful about. It will change our perspective on the gift of life God Himself has given us.

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