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Wednesday, February 8, 2023 8:18 AM

Sara C. Testimony

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 8:18 AM
Wednesday, February 8, 2023 8:18 AM
I always enjoyed listening to Pastor Steve and the joy it brought me when I did show up to church. The Holy Spirit always convicted me when I would come, but my flesh enjoyed the world. All that mattered at that time was my career, making money, and the gym. I honestly don't remember what my marriage or my relationship with my boys looked like.
At the end of 2017, I started not feeling well. I kept putting off my symptoms, thinking I was working too much or pushing too hard at the gym, but I wasn't getting any better. At the beginning of 2018, I went to the Dr., and they ran many tests. A few months later, I was referred to a specialist and diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. My health was declining fast, and I couldn't get a handle on it. By the end of 2018, I had to medically retire due to my health. I felt like I threw 18 years of my career down the drain. I was angry and felt so betrayed by my body and by God.
My husband and I always said we'd retire together and buy a home somewhere away from the city, but we never imagined it would come this fast. We purchased a home in Edgewood and started attending Legacy Church East Mountain Campus, but I still wasn't faithful in my attendance or wanting a relationship with God. I was upset and very bitter. I felt as if God was punishing me and I wasn't worthy of his forgiveness. I had invested in witchcraft for a few years and thought, maybe this is why I'm sick. I was told by someone once that it indeed was my punishment and that God would not heal me because of this. That conversation haunted me for a very long time.
In 2021, I started attending church faithfully. I started praying more, and I started reading the Bible more. I threw away every candle and witchcraft book I owned, got on my knees, and asked God for forgiveness. We started tithing, then serving, and then I was baptized. During all of this time, I was still dealing with my health, but I was finally diagnosed correctly and started receiving treatment in Denver. Before my first trip to Denver, my husband and I stood up and asked for prayer. I remember the lady who prayed over us said that she heard the word healing during her prayer.
The following day we headed to Denver and met with a lung specialist; she said, "I really want you to meet our autoimmune doctor because she specializes in the disease you have been diagnosed with, and I think it would help us with your case." Unfortunately, this doctor is always booked out for months, so we had planned to meet her on my next visit. Later that day, my medical ambassador called me to ask if I could head down to rheumatology to meet with that specialist because she had a cancellation and could see me in 20 minutes. We were in the middle of having lunch, but we didn't care. We ran so fast to see her. When we arrived, she said, "I received a message from your doctor mentioning she wanted me to evaluate you, and I'm not kidding; we were meant to cross paths because not a minute after reading her email did I see that I had a cancellation." She sat me down and gave me so much hope.
I was told by doctors here in New Mexico that I needed a lung transplant if we couldn't get this disease under control. This doctor didn't say a lung transplant, but she mentioned that remission was possible and wholeheartedly believed I could achieve it.
I know that God has been with me this entire journey.
I know He didn't step in until I surrendered.
I know He places people in our lives to help and guide us.
I know that God is still healing people today.
I know now that He was never punishing me; He was trying to get my attention.
I know now that He loves me, and I have been forgiven.
He isn't finished with me yet.
As of today, all my labs are normal. My lungs sound clear, and I'm living pain-free! God is so good and faithful, and I will never turn my back on Him again. I make sure to give God all the praise and glory He deserves even when things don't turn out how I'd like. I trust God and understand He has a perfect plan and the final say. Praise God that my focus isn't on worldly things anymore, my marriage is the best it's ever been, and I have such a close bond with my boys. Legacy Church East Mountain Campus has brought many wonderful people into our lives. I am forever grateful for all the prayers we've prayed and the friendships we've made!
-Sara C.


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