"The Good Book" Sermon Series (February 3rd - November 10th)

We invite you to join us in exploring "The Good Book" - the Bible. In this 40 week weekend series we will go through how its timeless wisdom resonates for each of us and why it's the most important book of all time.

We encourage you to make a commitment to go through the entire Bible in this timeframe. To support you, we have linked two Bible plans below to follow. 

The chronological Bible plan arranges the contents of the Bible in the order that events historically occurred. The sequential Bible plan follows the order of the books as they are traditionally arranged in the Bible. 

We would love to read your testimonies from dedicaitng time to dive into God's Word! Submit them here.


Relevant Teachings for Diverse Lives

Life brings different challenges to each of us. The Bible, "The Good Book," offers wisdom and comfort relevant to everyone. In this series, we'll see how its teachings apply to our daily lives, helping us navigate both hardships and joys.

Biblical Stories, Modern Reflections

The Bible's stories aren't just ancient history; they reflect our modern struggles and successes. This series will connect these stories to our lives today, offering practical lessons and insights.

Guidance for Now, Hope for the Future

Through the Bible, we find guidance for our current situations and hope for the future. Join us as we explore how its timeless wisdom helps us grow personally and connect more to God Himself..

Join Our Journey Through the Bible

Whether you're deeply familiar with the Bible or just starting to explore it, this series will offer new perspectives and deeper understanding. Come and see how the Bible is the most important book of all time.

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