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Tuesday, April 4, 2017 8:59 PM


Tuesday, April 4, 2017 8:59 PM
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 8:59 PM

A traitor is defined as: a person who betrays a friend, country; one who is not loyal or true to a friend, duty, cause, or belief.

Betrayal for benefit: 

Hopefully, we have never been this person to others and especially not to our Lord. But in this day and age of “me first — it’s all about me,” so many will betray those they call Lord, friend to get what they want or what they believe they deserve.

Betrayal causes pain:

If you have ever experienced the pain of a traitor — someone who has betrayed you, been disloyal to you — you know it doesn’t feel good; it hurts; it’s painful. What to do? Not too long ago I was meditating on different people who I believed betrayed me, were very disloyal — people whom I had helped, gone to bat for, even helped them succeed, was kind to and very patient with; and they began to attack and say things that weren’t true.

Do the right thing: 

As I was thinking about it, I believe the Lord gave me a thought in the form of a question. This is what I heard. The thought was: “If you had known those people were going to act that way or treat you badly, would you still have helped them?” Well, I had to think about that for a couple of days. Finally, I came up with this — that I still would have helped them. Then the thought came to mind, “Let them go then. Don’t worry about them. Release them from your life.” So, I have.

We have a responsibility to do the right thing regardless of what anyone else does — to honor the Lord’s word — that is why God can bless us.

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