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Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:58 AM

Separate Yourselves

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:58 AM
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:58 AM

In order to follow God, to accomplish goals, to be successful, we will have to separate ourselves — from people, entertainment, distractions. We separate ourselves — in order to concentrate, to do the work that will be required for us to follow God and be successful.


Nothing changes if nothing changes. What are some of the changes that you will need to make, habits you will need to break, thinking that you will need to change, to follow God and accomplish your goals?

In-law or outlaw:

Separate means cause to move or be apart. There is always a season when children separate from mom and dad. It’s for their good and health and well-being going forward in life.

We even need to separate from our parents if we are going to have a successful marriage. We can love our parents, honor them, but we must separate from them and cleave to our husband/wife. That means parents don’t get a say in our marriage unless we ask them. They don’t get to bad-mouth our spouse. If you are an in-law and you are interjecting yourself unannounced into your children’s marriage, then back off.


It’s healthy when kids separate from parents, just as it’s healthy for us when we separate ourselves from this world and its ways and philosophies — from the naysayers and the doubt peddlers. It’s all your choice.

Separate yourself from anything that is a distraction from serving God, and you will see it was well worth it.

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